Monday, May 17, 2010

Mommy Opinions Needed Please!

We're all entitled to our opinions right? Well, I'd like to hear yours ... about changing pads and diaper/wipes holders that is! The Bundled Quick Trip Organizer has been a staple in the shop since almost the very beginning but I've really been thinking a lot lately about what works best for mommies. Is it easier to have your changing pad and diaper/wipes holder all in one? Or maybe you prefer to have them seperate? Do you have size constraints when it comes to fitting what you need into your diaper bag? I could go on and on with questions but what I'd really like to hear are your opinions! So, go ahead ... tell me what your looking for! Tell me what has worked and what hasn't! In the words of Dr. Frasier Crane ... "I'm listening"


  1. Love to have my wipes, diapers, and changing pad in one place...though it is easier for me if the wipes/diapers are in one pouch that fits inside of my changing pad. My biggest pet peave is changing pads that are too small! Most diaper bags are pretty roomy and even the "quick trip" bags can handle a nice sized changing pad if it's not too bulky. The tiny pads are fine for an infant, but what about the wiggly 12-15 month old?! LOL :)

    (AKA: ElliaCNaturals)

  2. I haven't ever thought of an all-in-one, but I took a look at what you created and it looks fabulous. It definitely seems like it would make things easier :)

  3. hm... hard to say what works best. with a 5 month old on my hands, i'm still trying to figure it out. i currently use a skiphop portable changing pad that i chuck in the backpack diaper bag that we got free on our discharge from the hospital. it's worked well because it holds our diapers and wipes and give us a space to change baby on. i agree with the above reader that a bigger changing space would be nice as the baby will only get bigger and already her head is near the top of the skiphop one.

    but i've also got another bag that i use as a diaper bag that has lots of different compartments inside. in this bag i like to put a few diapers, a box of wipes and then i could really use just a separate changing pad (which we don't currently have) so i have been using chux pads. this allows me to have more space for things like change of clothes, burp clothes and a hat.

    ideally what would i like? i think it'd be great if i could have a good quality changing pad and maybe a diapers and wipes holder, though sometimes i think that's unnecessary since most diaper bags have a space for that. if the goal is to make a 'easy to go' encasing of it all for someone who wants to use their normal bag as a diaper bag... then that's a different story!

    hope this was helpful... still flushing out what i like/want for myself as well. :)