Monday, August 24, 2009

Etsy Style - Cleaning Up

School is back and in our house that translates to dirty little boys! So ... we've been looking for fun and creative ideas to make cleaning up fun and this week we've decided to do it Etsy Style.
What kid can resist a good scrubbing with fun soaps, scrubbies and yummy milk baths like these!

1. Lemon Lime Large Bath Puff ... by RebeccaJay
2. Oreo Cookie Soaps ... by LoveLeeSoaps
3. Lemon Zinger Cupcake Soap ... by Lilybaysoap
4. Half A Dozen Doughnut Soap ... by Anniepoo
5. Sock Monkey Soapsicle ... by LoveLeeSoaps
6. Building Blocks Lego Soap Set ... by ABreathOfFrenchAir
7. Ducky Soap ... by InnerEarthSoaps
8. Puzzled Vegan Soap ... DirtyAssSoaps
9. Organic Baby Milk Bath ... TheSpoiledMama

Ok .. so I know there are two soaps from LoveLeeSoaps but seriously what an amazing selection! So many yummy ways to get clean ... this could have been a really big edition of Etsy Style :)

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